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Was Jesus a Prophetic Monotheist or a Hindu Monotheist?

 By Br. John Martin Sahajananda


We can see that Jesus reportedly made statements which don’t fit within the popular versions of prophetic monotheism. He referred to God as his Father. He referred to himself as the Son of God.


He said that he was in the Father and the Father in him. He said he came from the Father and would return to the Father. He also claimed that the Father (God) and he were one. His stated experience of God doesn’t fit within the present belief systems of prophetic monotheism.


For Jesus, God wasn’t his creator and he wasn’t a creature. His origin, he reportedly said, was in eternity … eternal!


Judaism and Islam reject his claims and consider them blasphemous. They think that his statements are metaphorical and not metaphysical. Institutional Christianity accepts his claims, but limits them to Jesus alone and holds that they’re in no way applicable to others … like us.


The claims of Jesus seem very close to the non-dualistic and qualified non-dualistic systems of Hinduism. In fact, his statements make perfect sense to adherents of these two systems. In this regard, Jesus was more a Hindu monotheist than a prophetic monotheist!


In non-dualism and qualified non-dualism, these claims aren’t limited to any one particular individual but are a possibility for every human being … and, of course, for you and me.

Br. John Martin Sahajananda

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