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Sixth sense

If you are able to focus your five senses on the Word of God, you open the sixth sense: intuition. You exceed the knowledge that is perceived through the senses –which are only physical- and you start to know directly.

Jesus had this sixth sense, and was able to see the heart of those who were next to him. In one occasion, the apostles were discussing the positions they would have in the future when Jesus came to power. So, the Gospel says: «Jesus realized the intention of their hearts and took a child and placed it by his side and said to them, “Whoever receives this child in my name receives me”»[1].

This sixth sense helps you to understand what Jesus means with the Word of God. Some people have a gift for interpreting the messages of Heaven. As Mary, that young woman from Nazareth who listened to the voice of the Spirit, and interpreted and decoded it immediately, accepting to be Jesus’s mother, with no intervention of any man.

This way of knowing is common in the life of saint people from all religions. Ignacio de Loyola, who was a beggar and dressed terribly bad, preached the Word of God in such a way that people followed him. In one occasion, the Superior of the Dominic of Salamanca invited him to lunch with his disciples. After having interrogated him and getting to know that Ignacio had not studied theology, the Superior concluded: «We are not instructed and talk about vices and virtues, though nobody can talk about it but in one of the following forms: through the letters or through the Holly Spirit. And not through the letters and then through the Holly Spirit.»[2] The Dominic friar wondered how this man and his friends talked about theology and God if they had never studied. Where did they gather the information? How could they have that astonishing knowledge about theology? But the disciple is not more than his teacher. Jesus had experienced something similar. He was in one of the traditional Jewish celebrations, which was called Celebration Tents, when he decided to go to the temple to preach. «After having listened to him, The Jews were amazed and said, “How does he know scripture without having studied?”»[3]

God offers, to people who are humble and modest of heart, that “intuition” and wisdom, which had not been learned or studied in any university.

[1] Lk 9, 46-47; Mk 2, 8.

[2] IGNACIO DE LOYOLA, S., Authobiography, chapter. 7, n. 65.

[3] Cf. Jn 7, 15.

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