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Hindu Monotheism

The expression Hindu monotheism may surprise some. In general Hinduism is described as monism, non-dualism, pantheism and polytheism! But one has to be aware that according to Hinduism, there’s only one God or absolute Reality (monotheism) but this God isn’t the creator but he/she/it manifests everything that is known. Hinduism doesn’t propose the theory of creation out of nothing. This is the basic difference between prophetic monotheism and Hindu monotheism.

There are three important theological positions in Hinduism. These positions are based on the interpretations given to the teachings of the Upanishads, the Bhagavad-Gita, and the Brahma Sutras — the sacred scriptures of Hinduism. The Upanishads belong to the period of 5th century before Jesus and the Bhagavad-Gita belongs around the 1st century before or after Jesus.

These scriptures didn’t propose any theological system, but the systems came later. The fundamental question of these systems is the relationship between God and the universe, or, God and humankind. In prophetic monotheism, this question seems to have been resolved with the theory of creation out of nothing. Since Hindu monotheism doesn’t accept this solution, it needs to propose different solutions.

Br. John Martin Sahajananda

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