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Bhagavad-Guita and the Koran

Gandhi said: «The Bhagavad-Guita –one of the sacred books of the Hindus- is not only my Bible or my Koran. It is more than that; it is my mother. My mother died a long time ago, but this eternal mother has taken his position. Each time I feel oppressed by difficulties or I feel distressed by suffering, I find shelter in her.»

Yogananda said that the Hindu teacher, whose name is Sri Yukteswar, rarely read a book that was not sacred.[1]

For the Islam, the Koran is a book dictated by God. It shapes almost all the Islamic saying, thinking, and feeling. Its words appear in all the Muslim cultural expressions. Believing in the Koran is almost the first dogma of the Islam. The Koran is “Kalâm Allâh”, that is to say, the ‘word of God.’ Mahomet did not write it; he was just a receiver and transmitter.

The Koran is the element that founded the Islam. The entire Islamic religion has been conditioned by the phenomenon of the sacred book. The Koranic expression “Ahl al-kitâb”, that is to say, ‘a town that has a sacred book,’ impregnates all the Muslim spirituality. There is no Islam without Koran.

[1] Cf. YOGANANDA, P., Autobiography of a Yogi, p. 134.

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