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Prophetic Monotheism (and II)

According to traditional Islam, God is the creator and human beings are creatures of God. There’s an essential difference between God and his creation. God revealed his will through the prophets in the Old Testament and through Jesus, but he revealed his final will in the Koran (or, Qur’an) through the prophet, Muhammad. Hence the Koran is the final word of God and the prophet, Muhammad, is the last prophet.

According to Islam, God didn’t reveal himself but rather revealed the Koran in which he tells human beings what they should do and what they should not do. The Koran is considered as the eternal word of God dictated to the prophet, Muhammad. Submission to the will of God — revealed in the Koran — is necessary for salvation. To obey the Koran is to obey God. If one lives a moral life according to the Koran, one will go to heaven and if one does not live a moral life, then one will go to hell after one’s death.

According to these three religions, God is the creator and human beings are creatures of God. A significant difference between Judaism, Islam and Christianity lies in their attitude to Jesus and the Trinity. Jews and Muslims don’t believe that God is triune. They think the notion of trinity violates the unity of God. They don’t believe that Jesus is the second person of the Trinity.

Jews and Muslims don’t believe that Jesus is the only son of God and that he is the only way, the truth and the life. They believe that Jesus was a human being like any other human being. They think of him as a messenger of God or reformer of Judaism. If he called himself ‘the son of God’, they maintain, it was only in a metaphorical sense and that everyone is essentially a son or daughter of God.

These three religions are called monotheistic religions because their adherents believe that there’s only one God and this one God is the creator of the universe. Their general teaching is that God created this universe out of nothing, and, that there’s an essential difference between God and his creation … which includes us.

In Christianity, an exception to this belief is made for Jesus. Jesus, it is believed, isn’t a creature of God but an incarnation of God. There’s an essential difference between Jesus and other human beings.

Br. John Martin Sahajananda

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